Rogee® WorkOrder

Rogee® WorkOrder is a simple, powerful and easy to use web-based collaboration tool with generic Customer Relationship Management and Vendor Relationship Management features. Rogee® WorkOrder can be used for technical support, help-desk, ticket-based work orders, online meetings, and much more. Target audience are small to medium businesses with 1 to several hundred employees.

Customer Relationship Management:
This is a centralized location where all your customers can login to submit, update, or simply view work orders. You and your customers can correspond through the system until the work is completed satisfactorily. Rogee® WorkOrder perpetually archives each ticket so that you can have permanent records of all work done for every customer.

Vendor Relationship Management:
As a business that services customers, it is quite possible that you also have vendors who in turn serve your company. These are businesses that provide the material or other services that you need to do business. To these vendors, you are “the customer.” Once the in Rogee® WorkOrder environment, you can collaborate directly with your vendors who use the system.

With the Rogee® WorkOrder platform, you can see needs from your customer and your needs to your vendors at one centralized Internet location. Being a web-based platform means that you, your staff, customers and affiliates can all collaborate with ease.
Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) * Vendor Relationship Manager (VRM)

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